International Hockey Camps - 40th year!

At IHC, our primary goal is to help players develop on and off-ice skills.

We do this by:

- Low student–player ratio (7 to 1 or better), so your players get lots of attention.

- A maximum of eighteen skaters and two goaltenders are on the ice, so your players get lots of reps.

- We offer position and skill-specific themes.

- Professional Coaches provide feedback to help you learn and improve your skills.

- Coaches that care and put their energy and hearts into improving your skills.

Innovative ZOOM seminars complement the on-ice skills and mental training topics such as visualization, goal setting, and mindfulness.

-  We have three convenient locations to serve you (Nanaimo, Victoria, and Burnaby).

Forty years of experience running hockey camps and seminars worldwide.

Defensemen Camp

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Creating Offense Camp

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Small Area Games & Battle Camp

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Passing & Shooting Camp

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Dynamic Skating & Puck Skills Camp

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Prep Camp - U20, U18, U17, U15

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